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Office Password Recovery Lastic

Only $59.95

Office Password Recovery Lastic  - Office Password Recovery - Screenshot

Office Password Recovery Lastic is a simple and powerful password recovery tool capable of restoring, cracking or resetting passwords to various Microsoft Office documents including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and MS Access. Designed to recover lost passwords in merely seconds, Office Password Recovery Lastic uses unique “Password Server” technology that allows you to both crack document passwords almost instantly and keep your personal data and contents of a document safe.

With Office Password Recovery Lastic, you can:

  • Word Password Recovery
  • Excel Password Recovery
  • PowerPoint Password Recovery
  • Outlook Password Recovery
  • Access Password Recovery

Click Reference to check more supported devices or formats.

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Key Features

MS Word password recovery

Microsoft Word documents may contain four types of passwords: a password to open a document, a password to modify a document, a document protection password and a VBA project password. Our Office password finder easily cracks passwords of all these types.

The process takes exactly two steps. At first, you open a password-protected MS Word document (DOC, DOT, DOCX, DOCM, DOTX, DOTM). Second, you click the Crack button. The program automatically recognizes what types of passwords are used in the document and either hacks them or remove password protection from the document making it un-protected. Optionally you can crack any individual password, of course. After the password has been cracked, you can open the document directly from the program with a single click.

MS Excel password recovery

Office Password Recovery Lastic easily recovers or removes lost passwords to Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010 workbooks and sheets (XLS, XLT, XLA, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XLAM, XLSB files). Any type of passwords can be easily taken off or recovered: a password to open a document, a password to modify, a VBA project password, a workbook password (both local and shared ones), and individual worksheet passwords.

A password to open MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 document is instantly cracked via the secure Password Server – the program sends crypto-data to the remote server, the server looks for the appropriate decryption key and sends it back to the program. Then Office Password Recovery Lastic uses that key to completely decrypt MS Excel document and remove password.

MS Access password recovery

Microsoft Access is a popular database engine. Just like other Microsoft Office applications, lost passwords to MS Access databases and workgroups can be recovered with Office Password Recovery Lastic. MS Access allows settings a password to open a database and individual user passwords.

How can you view forgotten passwords to MS Access documents? It is easy, if you use Office Password Recovery Lastic. First of all you need to open the desired database (MDB file) or workgroup (MDW file). Note that you can also perform a search through a disk or a folder to find all protected Access files of all supported versions (97/2000/XP/2003). The second step is even easier: simply switch to the password list to see all passwords automatically recovered upon opening the file!

MS Outlook password recovery

Microsoft Outlook saves all mail boxes data in a single Personal Folder file (PST) with an access password. Loosing that password may lead to total unavailability of all your e-mail accounts.

At the same time, recovering forgotten Outlook password is easier than you might think. Simply run Office Password Recovery Lastic, open an Outlook Personal Folder file (PST) or perform a quick search on your local disk to find all PST files, then simply open the password list to see all passwords are restored and are ready to be copied into the clipboard.

Cracking of MS Outlook passwords is almost immediate in Office Password Recovery Lastic. The program supports Microsoft Outlook 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010.

Crack MS PowerPoint password

PowerPoint presentations can be protected with a password to open and a password to modify, plus a password for embedded VBA project source can also be set. Office Password Recovery Lastic can reset a password to modify from Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 presentations thus making them un-protected, so you can open them as usual. It can also recover VBA project password.

Cracking MS PowerPoint password merely requires you to open a presentation and click the Crack button. This will crack a password and display it on the screen.

Conveniently, you can perform a search through the entire disk or a particular folder for password-protected PowerPoint presentations (PPTX, PPTM, POTX, POTM, PPSX, PPSM, PPAM files) and remove or recover all passwords from all of the documents found this way with a single click.

Crack VBA Project password

Unlike Word, Excel or other documents, VBA projects aren’t stand-alone documents. VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) allows you to add some custom interactivity to your documents, be they Word documents, Excel sheets, Outlook schedules or PowerPoint presentations. Such VBA projects can be protected with a password so that no one could access the source files without knowing the correct password.

Office Password Recovery Lastic can quickly recover lost or forgotten passwords from any VBA project in Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010 documents.

Simply open a document with VBA sources in it, and the program immediately cracks its password and displays it in the password list. To make things even simpler, you can carry out a search across a local folder for any Office documents containing VBA projects. All found VBA project passwords can be restored with a single click then. 



Supported Office Version
MS Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010
Supported File formats
Microsoft Word(*.doc,*. docx), Microsoft Excel(*.xls,*.xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint(*.ppt,*. pptx), Microsoft Access(*.mdb,*.accdb), and Microsoft Outlook(*.pst) etc.


System Requirement

System Requirements
Supported OS Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor 733 Mhz Pentium ll CPU or higher;
RAM 128 MB RAM Memory or higher;
Free Hard Disk 20 MB free hard drive space
MS-office MS-office2000 version, or higher


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How to Recover Office Password With Office Password Recovery?


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